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Lange Gas, based in Benninghausen near Lippstadt in Germany, started distributing propane gas in the year 1952. Since 1977 the company's name is Lange & Co GmbH. Lange Gas is the registered trademark for the propane gas or LPG sold and usually the entire company is also named Lange Gas.Filling station

Lange Gas today supplies LPG to customers in North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. The propane gas is used for heating, cooking and as fuel for fork lift trucks and cars.

The filling station for gas cylinders now can fill up to 1500 bottles a day. Cylinder sizes are 5, 11 and 33 kg. These are supplied to big customers on palets containing 12 cylinders each. For fork lift trucks special motor gas cylinders are available. A special workshop regenerates the gas cylinders and ensures their safety.


If the propane is used e.g. for heating of an entire house, a small gas tank is supplied. These tanks are available in sizes of 1.2, 2.1 and 2.9 tons. They can be placed above ground or buried. Lange Gas rents these tanks to its customers or charges a one-off fee. A company's truck, equipped with a special crane, delivers these tanks to the customer. The service department then connects them to the house. While the customer uses the tank, Lange Gas will monitor the safety and maintain the tank.




The tanks are filled by special tank-trucks or bobtails. Lange Gas is used for heating homes and factories, stables, greenhouses and for fuelling fork lift trucks.


The reliable supply of its customers with propane is accomplished by a large storage site in Benninghausen which can store up to 2500 tons of propane. Here the tank-trucks are filled and the cylinder filling station is supplied with propane gas. The propane gas is produced in refineries as well as at the North Sea oil exploration and delivered to Lange Gas by railcars. Up to 6 railcars can be unloaded a day. Each railcar contains up to 45 tons of gas.

The service department of Lange Gas connects the tanks to house of the customer, installs heating systems forService car stables, especially pigsties, and repairs gas supplies and gas equipment.

Lange Gas sells a variety of gas appliances and installation equipment, repairs the appliances and tests stationary gas cylinders in mobile homes and other vehicles.

CarCars converted to LPG can be fuelled at the autogas service station in Benninghausen. In addition, Lange Gas has installed autogas filling stations at Hamm-Uentrop, Paderborn, Leverkusen, Beckum, Ascheberg, Lippstadt, Meschede and Breuna.